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Jay Strongwater - From Jewelry to a High-End Home Decor Empire

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Jay Strongwater has been creating enamel, Swarovski crystal, and sometimes semi-precious jewel encrusted pieces for decades. He began his meteoric rise to design fame in the 1980's.

Strongwater was in his early twenties when he began collaborating with Oscar de la Renta to create jewelry for runway shows. Soon Strongwater's creations were splashed across magazine pages and high-end jewelry counters from coast to coast.

Something More

It didn't take long for Strongwater to venture past jewelry for the person into jewelry for the home. He started in 1995 with his first picture frame. Soon he was making clocks and boxes - all rooted in his love for jewelry.

If one's home is one's castle, Jay Strongwater decor is certainly fitting for any home. Enamel, Swarovski and semi-precious jewels grace everything: figurines, fireplace screens, frames; compacts to clocks, Christmas ornaments to perfume atomizers - and much more.

The Process

Jay Strongwater collectibles are handmade. Each piece goes from the metalsmith in Rhode

Island to the stone setting and enameling in a town in upstate New York. The company continues to invent new colorations and new techniques of enamel, whether layers of

enamel or translucent enamel. Strongwater prides his company

on its very unusual colors.

Pricing at Retail

All of Strongwater's highly collectible, high quality and highly prized pieces are most certainly fit for a palace - with retail prices to match. A small sampling of current at retail products and prices as of the time of this article: A coffee table ($18,000), a 7"pillar candle holder ($1,400), a perfume bottle ($595), a porcelain box ($350), a drop pin ($175).

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